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"Dream" - Layla's Dev Diary - March 18th, 2024

an artist's imagination of Dream

v4 has just been released a few days ago; the most important feature included is undoubtedly the Long-Term Memory.

This first version of LTM lays out the infrastructure within Layla to remember and recall pieces of information. A lot of improvements and optimisations are planned; and I will definitely take into all your feedback during real-world usage.

Currently, LTM is applied to chatting with characters, which is a great application, but is only a very small facet of what LTM can do.

I plan to expand the applications of LTM over the next few updates. In particular, two new apps will be the main focus: one for "productivity"; one for "entertainment".

PDF Digest

Similar to how long-term memory are constructed from conversations, we can use the same methodology to construct a "memory" of information contained in a PDF document. Afterwards, you can "chat" with the document, where relevant information is returned as part of the context, just like regular LTM for characters.

On mobile phones, the process of ingesting a PDF document will take a significant amount of time (probably slower than you actually reading the document). So, the PDF Digest app in Layla will offer you the option to queue up multiple documents to be digested. You can queue up 5-10 documents at the end of the day, and during the night, they will be digested for you to chat with in the next morning.

In the future, this feature can be expanded to include digesting Word documents, web pages, and any other text-based content.


The Proactive Chat app will be renamed to Dream.

Currently, the Proactive Chat app allows characters to send you random messages with different topics. These topics are pre-generated and picked randomly.

With the LTM infrastructure in place, this app can be upgraded:

  • All characters (including custom ones) can send you messages proactively. The topics will be generated based on their personality and from a random shard of their long-term memory.

  • Characters can generate more long-form topics for you to chat with. For example, they may tell you about a dream they had. These are generated during the night in the background; the hallucinating nature of LLMs are actually an advantage here 🤣

These topics will be generated in the background, on your device locally, during the night when your phone is charging (hence the name Dream).


Other improvements that are planned include:

  • faster construction of knowledge graphs for the current long-term memory.

  • improvement on calendar scheduler.

  • improvement on web search for better zero-shot question answering.

These features are expected to be rolled out over the next few updates, over the next few weeks. Of course, during this time, any bugs/suggestions you have will be incorporated into the development process!

Additionally, any feedback and suggestions regarding these planned features are always welcome! Please start a discussion in our Discord server!

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