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Layla v1.8.0 has been published!

IMPORTANT: this update clears all your chat histories due to the new structure fixing various issues. Apologies for the inconvenience.


  • added ability to edit Layla's last response

  • added advanced setting: "mirostat": this enables the experimental mirostat sampler

  • added advanced setting: "n threads": sets the number of CPU threads used by Layla

  • set Layla's inference thread to always be "high priority" to nudge the OS into scheduling Layla's processes on the high-performance CPUs

  • updated backend with stability and bug fixes

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where chat history scroll bar was being cutoff on some phone sizes

  • fixed bug where custom greetings are not shown in custom characters

  • fixed bug in custom characters where they will refer themselves as an "AI" sometimes

  • fixed bug where roleplay sessions are not being shown in chat history

  • fixed bug where context length was set too high after switching models

Live on Google Play

Superceded by v1.9.0 on App Store

artists imagination of a neural network

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