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Layla v2.0.0 has been published!

IMPORTANT: this is a major version upgrade!

This update comes with completely new base models for both the Lite, Q2, and Full versions! After updating, the app will start a new 2-4GB download! (Legacy models will not be deleted. You can switch back to them in the settings page if you wish.)

New features:

  • complete newly trained models for Lite, Q2, and Full

  • drastically improved reasoning, reduced hallucination for all models

  • roughly speaking, the new Lite version achieves the intelligence of the previous Q2, new Q2 is comparable to the old Full, and the new Full model is in a league of its own

  • this intelligence upgrade is done without any penalty to performance (i.e. Lite is as fast as before, AND much smarter as well)

  • upgraded backend to latest version, supporting the latest version of Android


  • adjusted general character prompts to get a better experience when using the "mirostat" sampler

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where some advanced settings were showing "NaN"

  • fixed bug where copying messages was not working

  • fixed bug where proactive messages were not being scheduled and increased frequency of proactive messaging

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