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Layla v3.11.0 has been published!

In this update, we a huge quality-of-life upgrade for Android users.

Using Android's floating widget feature, we are able to move Layla's processing to a background thread. This means you are free to switch apps while waiting for Layla to think!

This feature also opens up some unique possibilities of long running resource intensive processes that Layla can run. An example would be reading and drafting your email responses. While you work on your phone, Layla can run in the background, intercepting your email and filter/write responses. As always, everything Layla do is completely confined on your device, so it's a perfect assistant for sensitive topics such as email drafting.

Enabling this feature requires you to go to system settings and enable the "Appear on Top" setting for Layla.

Tutorial video below:

Unfortunately, this feature is not present in iPhone due to the unique security permissions on iOS. I guess Android users win this one 😄

Full changelog

New features:

  • New app: Background Inference (Android Only)

  • Android only: Chat logic has been rewritten to run as a floating widget! This means you can freely switch apps while waiting for Layla to respond! (This is not a default feature; it is enabled by installing the "Background Inference" app in Layla due to some manual configuration that's required)

  • Note: doing other tasks while you wait for the response will slow down the response time, as there is no getting around the fact that Layla's thinking is very resource intensive


  • clicking outside the chat menu closes the menu properly

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where selecting an image before the model has loaded reverts Layla back to the start screen

  • fixed bug where "New Chat From Here" does not work when creating from a new chat

  • fixed bug where new messages are being shown as from the user after force quitting

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