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Layla v3.2.0 has been published!

Updated: Jan 31

Added a new app: "My Horoscopes"

This app gives you the latest horoscope information for each day. You can then chat with Layla about your horoscopes. Layla will give you tailored advice taking into consideration your horoscope for the day. You can also optionally enable notifications each morning to send you your horoscope information. As always, please don't take advice generated by an AI seriously.

Your personal information (such as your zodiac sign or birthday) is not leaked. This app works by downloading information for ALL horoscopes first, then you can choose which one is yours locally on your device.

Horoscopes may seem a frivolous little feature at first glance, but this is a proof-of-concept for two important operations:

  • real-time information retrieval using the internet

  • augmented generation using relevant info (also known as RAG)

This is laying the foundation for a very important update later: the ability for Layla to search and verify information on the internet.

Layla the astrologer

New features:

  • "My Horoscopes" app


  • automatically determine the optimal number of model layers to offload to GPU (slight performance boost)

Bug fixes:

  • fixes bug where chat does not load until you clear your cache

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