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Layla v3.6.0 has been published!

This version takes the first step towards animated character models!

Meet Annie! A miniature artist with a heart full of dreams. Her room is always cluttered with sketches, pencils, and colouring books. She loves the wild outdoors where she roams with Jasper, her loyal dog.

animated character annie

Annie features a custom-made animated background created with a mixture of raster and vector images. The background is dynamic, which means it will respond to the conversation you are having with her.

Sentiment analysis technology changes her expression depending on the mood of the conversation. The sentiment analysis model is baked in locally on your device, which means, as always, your conversations are not sent off anywhere.

This sentiment analysis model is also an integral part of the still work-in-progress long term memory feature.

In the near future, I hope to make a lot more improvements such as:

  • adding a wider array of expressions

  • dynamically blending of different animations powered by a local AI model

  • more sophisticated sentiment analysis models which understands the context of the conversation

This is a proof of concept for more detailed 3D models in the future!

Additionally, this update also comes with some quality-of-life improvements requested by our users:

Wallpaper App

This new app allows you to set an image that shows up during chats with all characters.

Deleting Models

After deleting models and restarting the app, Layla will ask you to choose a model instead of downloading your last chosen model by default. This means you don't have to wait for the previous model to finish download before getting to the screen to switch to your custom model.

Regenerating Responses

A much-requested feature is finally complete! You have the option to ask Layla to regenerate the last response. The regenerate button is shown above the last chat message. Combining this with a high dynamic temperature produces quite a bit of variety.


New features:

  • meet the new character, Annie!

  • 2.5D animated background

  • sentiment analysis enables her to react in response to your messages

  • new wallpaper app to customise your chat backgrounds


  • now allows you to choose a base model instead of automatically downloading the last model setting after you reset base models

  • added ability to regenerate Layla's last response

Bug fixes:

  • fixed a bug where character backgrounds were not being shown in grid view

  • fixed bug where warning on reload chat page was showing after editing chat message

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