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Layla v3.8.0 has been published!

We are excited to announce a new version of Layla! This is a pretty hefty update and includes a lot of things we've been working hard on. In this post, let's go over some highlights.

Introducing Layla's Toolkit

The highlight of this update is the new app Layla's Toolkit. With this, we introduce a unified framework for Layla to use tools and functions. From now on, this app will contain a wealth of tools that Layla can use to enhance her personal assistant abilities. She may pick the most suitable tool during your conversations.

The first tool implemented is the ability to search the internet for latest information.

When you ask Layla about factual information or current events, Layla will use the DuckDuckGo search engine to search the latest information and give you an informed response. We chose the DuckDuckGo engine for it's enhanced privacy and no-tracking policy. Other search engine implementations will be coming soon!

Redesigned the Welcome page

We have redesigned the welcome page to be more streamlined and more "productivity-focused" instead of "character-focused". This includes a more prominent start chat icon, and quick actions to access all the features Layla offers. Your characters are still there! Just not as "in-your-face".

new welcome page design

Text-to-voice now works during typing

You are now able to type text, then listen to voice!

Various Quality of Life fixes

We've implemented various feedbacks from our users (thank you!):

  • Model loading now does not hide the chat

  • Wallpaper app affects more screens

  • Add a small percentage progress to Layla's thinking

Full Changelog:

New features:

  • added new app: Layla's Toolkit! - this app contains various functions that Layla can use

  • added new app: DuckDuckGo Web Search

  • moved MiroStat sampler settings to its own app

  • added TTS mode: user types, Layla speaks


  • redesigned the "Welcome" page

  • changed Layla's chat background to be more neutral

  • redesigned character loading screen to not hide the chat during load

  • added ability to quickly switch models in the RMI app

  • moved Hands Free Mode to the dropdown menu, voice mode next to chat input now activates TTS Mode

  • wallpaper app now affects the character selection screen and welcome screen

  • added ability to close voice selection popup without selecting a voice

  • general backend stability and performance improvements

  • added a small percentage showing Layla's thinking progress

  • adjusted prompt cache loading strategy to be less sensitive to small changes in prompt

  • Layla will now always use the Precise setting as she is just an AI assistant (other characters respect your settings)

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where Hands Free Mode is not working for iPhones

  • fixed bug where voice selection input is not shown unless you have VITS VCTK enabled

  • fixed bug where some operation combos will cause chat history to load very slowly even if you haven't cleared the cache

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