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Layla v4.10.0 has been published!

In this update, the PDF digest app has been redesigned! It is now called "Lorebook".

It adds additional functionality to the existing PDF processing pipeline:

  • multi-level summarisation integrated with the latest Long-term memory update

  • ability to start a chat with multiple documents at once

  • ability to attach documents to characters to load them as background information


Full Changelog

New features:

  • PDF Digest has been redesigned -> it is now called Lorebook!

  • process documents and attach them to characters to provide background information during your chats

  • Added support for the open source search engine: Alexandria


  • improved performance of task manager when showing a large amount of pending tasks

  • added configuration to off-load embedding service to the CPU to save RAM

  • Voice chat supports third-party TTS libraries RHVoice and AcapelaTTS

  • added support for native phone speech-to-text

  • added ability to copy translated text in Offline Translator

  • added config to set minimum number of characters to generate before starting TTS

  • added button to "hold to continue speaking" in voice chat mode

  • improved UI of Offline Translator (show downloaded models at the top)

  • allow deletion of downloaded translator models

  • Offline Translator now remembers your last selected language

  • added ability to configure whether to use mmap in advanced settings

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where tasks are not deleted after deleting a Lorebook PDF

  • fixed bug where sometimes new messages are duplicated as they are received

  • fixed bug where re-entering voice chat mode from within the same chat does not start listening

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