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Layla v4.11.0 has been published!

This update brings a major upgrade to Layla's Toolkit!

  • Layla's Toolkit is not much more accurate in determining which tool to use

  • Speed of tool determination is significantly improved from previous ~5s -> 0.1s

  • Google Calendar integration (and more!) for events and reminders

Layla's Toolkit icon

ElevenLabs text-to-speech support

Layla now supports the state-of-the-art text-to-speech service: ElevenLabs ( You can configure your own API keys to use your own cloned voices.

This is added a separate mini-app within Layla.

Full Changelog

New features:

  • Offline translator now supports "English <-> Spanish" and "English <-> Chinese"

  • ElevenLabs text-to-speech support!

  • Layla's Toolkit has been upgraded to v2! much more accurate tool determination, much faster tool determination (5s -> 0.5s)

  • Device calendar integration for scheduling events (uses your default calendar set in your system settings, can be Google Calendar, Samsung Calendar, Apple Calendar etc.)

  • Todo app is integrated into Layla's toolkit as a calendar provider


  • added setting to stop running background tasks when phone is idle

  • create multiple alternative greetings for a character (greetings are now optional, you can choose to not have a greeting for a character)

  • added character names in the LTM app when viewing memories

  • added progress bar in Android persistent notification when executing tasks using background inference

  • added ability to reset character impressions

Bug fixes:

  • fixed invalid Executorch models download link

  • fixed bug where preset characters were not hidden in the chat history screen

  • fixed bug where roleplay images were not saving

  • fixed bug where some messages were deleted after editing or regenerating messages

  • fixed bug where Dream messages revert back to the character's original greeting

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