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Layla v4.3.0 has been published!

todo app in layla


New features:

  • added Layla Tiny base model for low-end phones

  • redesigned To-do app to be a list

  • redesigned the Personality Hub


  • added warning where filters are applied so you don't think your characters have disappeared

  • chat history now supports unread messages

  • re-structured logic for executing background tasks, so hopefully the OS can pick up the task automatically to execute in the background better

  • added a button in task manager to execute all queued task now

  • grouped tasks in task manager

  • chat history screen now uses "infinite loading" (like Facebook feeds) for lots of messages

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where character selection filters are not being saved in some cases

  • fixed bug where deleting chat history does not work

  • fixed bug where roleplay header was not displaying in some cases

  • fixed bug where character greeting was not applied to OpenAI and Claude APIs

  • fixed bug where backing up data was stuck with no effect

  • fixed bug where long-term memory shows duplicate edges

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