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Layla v4.4.0 has been published!

This version contains the new app: Dream!

Dream is an app that allows your custom characters to send you messages proactively! They will try to strike up random topics with you based on their personality and/or any long-term memories they have with you. You can configure the rate they message you in the Dream app screen:

Dream app screen

Additionally, this update also contains a host of other improvements and bug fixes:


New Features:

  • Dream: characters have thoughts outside of chatting, and will initiate conversations with you


  • added tag filter in Personalities Hub

  • adjusted long-term memory build-up for assistant characters to focus on the user

  • chat screen automatically saves any unsent messages for the character

  • added ability set character as default (will start chat when clicking the butterfly logo)

  • redesigned "edit & regen" UI

  • adjusted default character selection background

  • added ability to edit any past message in conversation

  • redesigned internal workings of To-do app to provide more intelligent task scheduling and reminders

  • all characters will now use Layla's toolkit if you specifically type the fallback phrase, only characters with toolkit enabled will try to auto-determine which tool to use

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where menu was appearing on top of hands-free mode

  • fixed bug where the Writer cannot use Layla's toolbox

  • fixed bug where to-do notifications were not directing to the to-do app

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