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Layla v4.5.0 has been published!

This update brings support to the latest SOTA LLM model: Llama3!

Full Changelog

New features:

  • Llama3 family models support!

  • experimental flash attention support (turn on in Advanced settings), ~10% improvement in loading and response times

  • added ability to re-order apps

  • added UI settings to show small app icons


  • keep screen awake during chatting, PDF processing, and other long-running tasks

  • diagnostics feature now fixes common errors encountered during LTM ingestion automatically

  • long running processes such as LTM, Tasks Manager, and PDF Digest now has a special interface which automatically dims your screen for processing during the night

  • OpenAI and Claude APIs now support long term memory, PDF digest, and the new edit & regen method

  • added a fallback phrase for Todo app

  • if you have background inference enabled, task manager tasks will execute in the background as a widget when you click "execute all"

  • added button in the Background Inference app that kills off any floating widgets to handle rare cases were a widget gets stuck and would not exit until your phone is restarted

  • added ability to execute a group of tasks with one button

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where chat history sometimes duplicates your messages

  • fixed bug where toolkit was not working iOS

  • fixed bug where not all events were being displayed in the Todo app

  • fixed bug where edited messages were not saving

  • fixed bug where TTS was crashing the app

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