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Introducing the Personality Hub

With the release of Layla v2.2.0, we introduce the "Personality Hub". This is a collection of different characters Layla can impersonate during your chats with her.

These characters come from a variety of backgrounds, from TV shows, books, movies and more.

What's more, you can share your own creations on the personality hub for others to download! The upload process is completely anonymous, so is the download process. There is no need to create an account or share any personal information.

This is a great alternative to other cloud-based services such as "Character AI" or "".

different characters by layla

How to access the personality hub?

You can go to the "Personalities Hub" by looking in the "Apps" sections of Layla:

  1. Click the "Apps" icon at the top right of the Character Selection Screen

  2. Choose the app "Personalities Hub"

  3. Choose from any characters that catch your interest!

  4. Click "Download" to add them to Layla

how to access the personalities hub

After you download your character, it will appear in your characters list to chat with whenever you feel like!

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