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Layla is responding slowly even though I have a high-end phone. What can I do?

Updated: Apr 7

Layla uses an emerging technology, allowing "ChatGPT-like" chatbots to run on your phone locally without connection to the internet. So it requires quite a lot of resources.

The expected response time for Layla Full on a high end phone such as the S23 Ultra with 12GB RAM is around 1-2 words a second. If you have a high end phone, and you are experiencing slow response times, try one or all of these methods below:

  • Close all background apps

  • Turn off "battery optimisation" for Layla: Navigate to Settings > Apps & notifications > Layla > Advanced > Battery > Battery optimization, and then choose "Don't optimize."

  • Turn on "high performance mode" or "gaming mode" in your phone settings if you have it

  • Switch to the "Q2" base model. It has roughly the same intelligence as Full Layla but with a performance boost

RAM is only one part of the equation: if you have enough, any more does not help. The rest is up to your CPU.

Here's a rough estimate on the response times you can expect:

  • 12nm CPU chipset: Tiny model does 1-2 words per second, any other model pretty unusable

  • 6nm CPU chipset: Lite model does 1-2 words per second, Full model may do a few words per minute

  • 4nm CPU chipset: Full model does 1-2 words per second. Lite model is almost as fast as cloud AI providers

For more information on which phones Layla supports, you can check here:

help and support Layla

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