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Layla v4.2.0 has been released!

This update continues on the path outlined in the last dev diary: Dream -

In particular there are two features we wish to highlight:

Task Manager

This new app gives you more visibility on what Long-term memory is doing behind the scenes. With this app, you are able to see what tasks are queued up by the LTM ingestion process, what status they are in, and which ones have finished.

Additionally, the ingestion process has been re-written to take advantage of long-running background workers in your phone OS, resulting in more stable ingestion process during the night.

The ingestion framework has also been abstracted to support more tasks coming in the next updates related to PDF processing and Dream (previously Proactive Chat).

layla task manager app icon


MLC ( is an experimental framework for running LLMs on your phone. It utilises your phones GPU better to provide better performance on the latest flagship phones.

However, as observed by our wonderful alpha testers, while the response speed has increased significantly, it is still very unstable and will freeze up your phone often. This app is put in the "experimental" section in Layla for all to try.


New features:

  • Task Manager app - manage your long term memory ingestion tasks

  • MLC Inference - highly experimental app that replaces Layla's inference engine with MLC


  • improved ingestion time for long-term memory

  • long-term memory ingestion will now run continuously during the night when your phone is charging

  • improved model download to show better progress so it doesn't look like it's hanging

  • adjusted small grid view to not crop the images too much

  • added filter by tags in character selection screen

  • added setting to configure "enter key sends message instead of newline"

  • added ability to configure "n batch" in advanced settings

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug where the download screen would appear briefly before entering the main screen

  • fixed bug where character selection header does not return to normal when exiting from the create/edit character screen

  • fixed bug where roleplay templates cannot be edited

  • fixed bug where some text were getting cutoff on the right side of apps

  • fixed bug where proactive chat notifications were not opening the chat screen properly

  • fixed bug where MobileVLM crashes with non-jpg or non-png files

  • fixed bug where Wallpaper app was conflicting with Character Selection Layout settings

  • fixed bug where "n threads" in advanced setting was not being applied correctly

  • fixed bug where context length setting was limited for custom models

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