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My Long-Term Memory is not getting constructed fast enough; are there any ways to make it faster?

For more information on how long-term memory works, see:

As mentioned in the article, the construction of long-term memory happens in the background.

Modern mobile operating systems like Android and iOS strictly limits the amount of processing power apps are allowed to use in the background.

Here are some things you can do to speed up ingestion:

  1. Give "unrestricted background usage" to Layla in Android Settings

  2. Turn OFF "battery optimisation" for Layla in Android Settings

  3. Enable "background fetch" permissions to Layla in iOS Settings

You can also go to the long-term memory app in Layla directly and click "Ingest".

You can do this before you sleep every night to make sure your conversations are ingested. This button starts the ingestion process and will continue to run until there are no more conversations to process.

Additionally, leaving the app in the foreground before you sleep helps as well, since the OS will allocate more processing power to foreground apps.

Important: whatever methods you use, you need to keep Layla in the background for this process to occur. This means not exiting the app.

layla long term memory

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