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What is the difference between Layla Full and Layla Lite?

Layla offers the ability to switch "base models". A "base model" is the "brain" of Layla, and it powers all characters, scenes, roleplay, and all other features.

Depending on your device capabilities (see which model your device supports here), you are able to choose between several different base models:

Layla Lite

  • requires at least 4GB of phone RAM

  • mainly used for older devices so more people can experience Layla

Layla Q2

  • requires 4GB of phone RAM

  • an "in-between" model that balances performance with capability

Layla Full

  • requires at least 8GB of phone RAM (note this is different to phone storage)

  • most intelligent version of Layla

  • stays in character better

  • less prone to hallucination

  • only runs on flagship devices (released in the last 2 years)

Here's how to switch between base models

Starting from the character selection screen:

  1. Click on the "gear" icon at the top right to go the "Settings" page

  2. Scroll down to the section "Danger Zone"

  3. Click "Switch Base Model"

  4. Choose between the one that fits your needs

tutorial on how to switch base model in Layla

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